Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm not one to crave red meat or typically American fare, however last week on the elliptical, watching Joe Realmuto grill skirt steak in homemade bbq sauce awakened the small patriotic bone in my body. I decided to plan dinner for my housemates. The menu consisted of skirt steak with bbq sauce, coleslaw and olive bread with garlic and fresh basil. The rave reviews were worth the hour the sauce took to cook. While it might be a bit labor intensive and have a lot of ingredients, making your own bbq sauce is worth the extra time and makes enough to share with friends for not a lot of money. The best idea was adding chipotle to the sauce. It gives a mysterious smoky flavor and saves you a search for liquid smoke. Living in walla walla, I can't always find exactly what I want, so I substituted thin cut rib eye steaks for skirt and it turned out just fine, still lean and tender. I used a Bobby Flay recipe for the coleslaw dressing which I ended up altering completely. I used about triple the apple cider vinegar he calls for and celery salt will kill two birds with one stone if you're looking to pinch pennies. Good olive bread, split in half and spread with a makeshift pesto and warmed in the oven is always a crowd pleaser and very easy to make as a contribution for a potluck.

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