Saturday, June 11, 2011

And the leftovers persist...

If you read the last post (see old blog), you will recall the large quantities of leftovers at our house. Due to a brief stint in Portland and the fact that work has been feeding us this week, those leftovers remain. As a result, upon opening the fridge this evening, I found a large sack of salami staring me in the face. While not normally a huge salami fan, I am a college student and we are not inclined to discard donated and therefore free food. Luckily, our team used the two hours we had to kill this morning to make a group excursion to the farmers market. After reading an article in the New York Times reiterating the glory of asparagus, I bought some. It was fresh and cheap. I bought two large bundles because I have been eating it like wildfire burning through a canyon, and my team mates have not hesitated to point out this fact. As such, I washed a few stalks and cut them into inch sized pieces. I then julienned some salami, diced a tomato and put some baby greens in a bowl. I sauteed the salami until crisp, removed them from the pan onto a brown bag to soak up the grease. I sauteed the asparagus pieces and tossed the greens and tomato in a smidge of ceasar dressing. On top of that went the tomato, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, the warm asparagus and the crispy salami. All in all, a very satisfying summer evening supper.

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